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Thanks for visiting,

We shall soon be available on Talabat & Deliveroo. We shall also be relaunching on Careem & Smiles. Certain things will change and we want to give you a heads up.

But before that, the good news is Noon which has been our preferred partner is now delivering to Business Bay and to several parts upto Umm Al Sheif on one the one side and Al Quasis & Al Nahda towards Sharjah.If you don’t see us on NoonFood app, please do check again. When riders are not available for long distances all platforms stop showing restaurants that are far from your location.

Now about the changes.

The menu prices shall be going up. On Noon Food and our direct online ordering platform we shall be offering discounts & you are likely to see a drop in the cart value. That’s good news for all our existing customers.

On Talabat & Deliveroo we are launching with a “platform delivered” setup where the aggregators shall be managing the deliveries. Similarly is the case on Careem & Smiles where currently we deliver the orders. Restaurants bear a big cost of this.

Our costs of operating are very different on each of the platforms. Plus a platform delivered set-up means we bear a high cost of this. We are also working with these platforms to explore where we can jointly offer more value either by way of discounts or jointly offer free or lower delivery fees. If you are a subscriber on Talabat Pro, Careem Plus or Noon VIP, let us know on the whatsapp chat (just a small message is good enough). We are seeking feedback to see how many users are there and if we could add some benefits under this program.

The deliveries shall now be faster and more efficient. Availability & service areas are also likely to increase.

Restaurant prices are based a lot on the costs we incur to be available on online platforms as also the high delivery cost. We wanted to give you a heads up and let you know the reasons that have prompted this change and appreciate your understanding. Once again, the prices shall be going up only for the new platforms.

We look forward to serving you on the platform of your choice! And hey, we would be running launch promotions on all platforms through the month. So go on, lets make the most of it.

On a separate note we expect to launch a super flexible meal subscription plan that allows you to choose what you get, when you get, cancel, pause or change your meals. A plan well suited for a busy lifestyle. We are also running trials of ready to eat products at never before prices. If you are interested in any of these just drop us a line on the whatsapp chat, we shall keep you updated. Type flexibile for subscription and RTE for ready to Eat.

Meanwhile we recently turned 3. Whether you have been with us since the first month or just placed your first order, all we have to say is Thank You. You keep us going.

– Team Home Diner

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