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We are now Available on all Food Ordering Apps



Thanks for visiting. We are now available on all ordering apps (we also call them platforms). There is a change in the prices but that iis more than offset on our existing and new platforms discounts and/or lower delivery fee. On others there would be a small hike in net prices. As of now we are running launch discounts on all the platforms so its a great time to grab a home style meal. And hey, if you notice something on any platform that dosent look right, please drop us a message by clicking the whatsapp chat button. We will really appreciate your assistance and support.

Why the Change?

First, our operating costs diiffer on each of the platforms. Second, we are moving to a complete “platform delivered model” whch means all orders shall be delivered by the respective platform as this is a requirement of all platforms now. Restaurants bear the entire cost for this. Third, we are tryiing to allign prices to best suit the requirements of subscriibers of Talabat Pro, Careem Plus, Deliveroo Plus and now Noon VIP programs. Again restaurants bear most of the cost providing free delivery.

With this reallignment, our attempt is to provide value to all customer groups as also cover our higher operating cost. So discounts or lower delivery fee shall vary from platform to platform depending on the policies of the respective platforms and the different costs we incur on the different platforms.

At Home Diner we have always followed a ploicy of honest prices wiithout resorting to artifical pricng practises.

Meanwhile we have just turned three so whether you have been with us since the fiirst month or just placed your first order recently, all we have to say is THANK YOU! You have kept us going.

A lot of good things are in the pipeline like our ready to eat range at NEVER BEFORE prices. And the most flexible meal subscription plan ever, completely suited to your busy lifestyle, so please do stay tuned. Send us a message on the chat button saying “send updates”. We shall make sure to keep you informed.

Once again a big thank you for all your support!

Try Us on your favouriite App by cliicking the links below

Deliveroo – Get more Value (complimentary beverage on orders over AED 30). Click Here

Talabat – Discounts + Best Delivery Experience Click Here

Careem – Free Delivery for Careem Plus subscribers Click Here